Cracked Egg is a mutable response to the copious work of Christopher Joseph Holme (1952 - 2010). Over the past year four creative practitioners; Aliyah Hussain, Clara Casian, David Wilkinson and Michael Redmond have been commissioned to work with, and to respond to this remarkable collection. Holme was an unknown painter who can be construed as an outsider artist, but who’s oeuvre also contradicts such a designation, comprising paintings, sketchbooks and diaries.

Each participant had a prior interest in, or affinity with ‘outsider art’, and through their individual observations have produced responses in writing, drawing, photography, film and sound that deal with place, family, cultural history and the nature of collections. These bodies of work are presented as interlocking, but independently available chapters in a publication, designed by Lisa Lorenz and produced and edited by Lauren Velvick.

To celebrate the culmination of this project on 17 June 2016 the resulting new work by Hussain, Casian, Wilkinson and Redmond will be installed in the domestic space of In Certain Places HQ, Preston, which has served as a base and project space throughout. The publication, Cracked Egg, will also be available to browse and purchase with complimentary online content available simultaneously. This event will also serve as a further experiment into the methods of display for this work, which is at once disturbing and humorous, anchored in the past and relevant to the present.